How Boukari Hammi’s ride-sharing app is easing transport services in Ad-Dakhla


With the developing economy and rapid growth of urban centers, Moroccan cities are increasingly experiencing urban mobility challenges, but disruptive technologies are changing how these problems are being addressed.

Jini, a Morocco-based ride-hailing app founded by Boukhari Hammi and business partner, Lamana Elkanti provides local ride-sharing services for the people of Ad-Dakhla. Jini works with the local taxi drivers and connects them with customers via an online platform.

The idea came to Boukhari after his mom had challenges catching an early morning flight at the airport due to the unavailability of taxis at that time. Jini is an innovative solution that helps people find taxis and get to their destinations easily, quickly, and safely.

It has provisions for both low-income earners and people who seek more sophisticated options. Overall, it’s a win-win solution for all parties involved, providing convenient and cost-effective transport service for customers and increasing the earnings of local taxi drivers.