Ashanti AI Aims To Make Data Science Accessible To Every Business


Data science and AI are becoming increasingly important in the business sector as they’ve been unveiling tremendous solutions and intelligent decisions across several industry verticals. The South African company Ashanti AI aims to make data science accessible to every business.

Ashanti AI is a data science specialist company using AI to solve real-world problems. Serving businesses across several industries, including education, finance, and mining, Ashanti AI provides data-driven solutions that optimize decision making, boost business revenue and efficiency.

Currently, Ashanti AI has three bespoke AI products – The Predictive Maintenance tool, which combines IoT and predictive analytics in predicting when a machine or vehicle will break down, the Warehouse Labor Management tool, which analyses business processes, helps fulfill orders on time and curbs unnecessary costs through smart allocation of warehouse labor and the Vernacular Sentiment Analysis tool with which businesses can find out general sentiment about their products or services in local languages.

The company also has a consulting arm that develops unique models tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. Ashanti AI prides itself in its team of eclectic experts from different backgrounds, all of whom pour in their knowledge into solving each business’s peculiar problems.