TroTro Tractor Ltd. Combines Agricultural Mechanization With IoT


The low level of mechanization is one of the major factors limiting smallholder farmers' productivity in Ghana. This under-mechanization issue is precisely what TroTro Tractor Ltd. is attempting to address by connecting smallholder farmers in need of tractor services with tractor operators.

TroTro Tractor Ltd. is an agritech company that connects smallholder farmers in Ghana to owners of agricultural machinery like tractors and combined harvesters. The company enables farmers to easily access affordable farm mechanization services through its on-demand digital platform, thus, boosting their productivity and efficiency. 

Farmers can access the network of TroTro Tractor owners, request, schedule, and pre-pay for tractor services using their mobile phones and GPS. The tractors rented on the platform are equipped with IoT devices, allowing the tractor owners to track their equipment's movement and performance.

By leveraging IoT and technology, TroTro Tractor Ltd. is expanding the reach of mechanized agriculture in Ghana while enabling smallholder farmers and tractor owners to increase their income and save time.