AgroCenta Empowers Ghana’s Smallholder Farmers Through Technology


Smallholder farmers in Ghana face two main challenges: lack of access to structured markets, giving room for exploitative purchase by predatory middlemen or brokers, and lack of access to finance, making it difficult for them to expand beyond smallholder farming.

In 2015, Francis Obirikorang and Michael Ocansey founded AgroCenta to improve Ghana’s agricultural value chain and solve critical smallholder farmers’ challenges. AgroCenta is a Ghanaian agritech startup focused on addressing the market linkage and financial inclusion challenges in the agricultural value chain.

The company’s product offerings include the comprehensive supply chain platform – AgroTrade, which directly links smallholder farmers to a broader online market, and the financial inclusion platform – AgroPay, through which smallholders receive payment and get access to financing. AgroCenta also mobilizes a network of agents who directly engage local farmer communities in the pre/post-harvest process.

Leveraging technology, AgroCenta aggregates stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain for effective trading and provides smallholder farmers and farm organizations with market linkage, access to finance, and resources to help them scale and become financially independent.