Kwaanda Labs Aims to Create Wireless Energy Source for Electronics


Wireless supply of energy is a trend for the future, and as of now, companies like Apple and Samsung are doubling down on efforts to pioneer this trend with their products.

However, two Rwandan co-founders, James Ndekezi and Israel Nishimwe are throwing their weight into the market and hope to reduce the importation of the foreign versions of wireless electricity technology in the near future.

The idea for Kwaanda Labs stemmed from the incessant electrical issues – like short-circuit and electrical shocks that Rwandans face. Since its establishment in 2018, the company has enjoyed steady growth, kicking off a number of branches across the country’s capital.

Beyond the retail sales of products, the company also generates revenue from onboarding new partner clients every month. Seeing potential in the market for its services, the company is intensifying efforts at expansion.

Africa currently is, unfortunately, not a major player in hardware technology as against what the continent is currently experiencing with software-powered technological solutions. However, Kwaanda Labs looks promising on the shortlist of companies working to change the narrative.