Jembe Transforming Agricultural in Tanzania with Drone Technology and IoT


In recent years, Tanzania’s agricultural sector has played a vital role in alleviating poverty. This can be attributed to the abundance of arable lands and the campaigns that have steered the agricultural sector towards better standards.

Agrinfo wants to ensure these statistics continue to improve by helping farmers discover and utilize the sector’s untapped potential. The Agrinfo platform employs information technology for data collection and analysis to give insights to farmers and other value chain players, improving their decision-making process.

The initial idea behind Agrinfo was to serve as Tanzania’s search engine for agricultural information but has since pivoted over the years to include other products and services. One being Jembe, an agritech platform that provides extension services and high precision surveillance imagery for early prevention of crop yield loss and low quality due to crop disease, insects, weeds, and nutrient deficiencies.

For Agrinfo, the mission is to promote a transformed, data-driven agricultural sector that improves livelihoods, enhances food security, and supports industrialization in Tanzania.