How Injini is Serving as a Launchpad for African EdTech Startups


The prevalence of technology has affected society in many positive ways, and education is one sector that has made great leaps. Technology is increasingly transforming how education is delivered, from the way students are taught, to how they learn and retain knowledge.

Established in 2017 and based in South Africa, Injini is Africa’s first EdTech dedicated incubator and seed investment program. Injini invests in promising African EdTech entrepreneurs to boost educational outcomes across the continent.

The company selects cohorts of Edtech startups from all over Africa to participate in a 5-month incubation journey where they network with experts and mentors in the field and access resources needed to maximize their impact. These cohort companies are also provided with grants and potential follow-on investments for participating in the program.

Asides from the incubation program, Injini hosts meetups and boot camps across the continent, bringing together educators, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in shaping Africa through EdTech.

By supporting entrepreneurs in leveraging educational technology to unlock Africa’s potential, Injini believes they can drive the continent forward.