Kumasi Hive’s National AI Training Program Promotes Tech Skills Acquisition in Ghana


In the last decade, Africa has seen a surge in technology development, with young entrepreneurs continuously employing technology to find innovative solutions to impending social problems.

The Ghanaian multi-space innovation hub, Kumasi Hive, provides young people with the tools and opportunities to create sustainable local innovations while empowering them with relevant digital skills to thrive globally.

In line with promoting tech skills acquisition, Kumasi Hive held a National AI Training program at various partnering hubs across Ghana. This training aims to groom young Ghanaians with high-end tech knowledge in AI and machine learning, addressing the lack of digital and tech skills among Ghanaian youths.

Participants at the Kumasi Hive venue were trained in Python, focusing on Python built-in methods and functions, list creation, and manipulation. Other aspects of the training consisted of advanced data visualization and framing techniques in Pandas.

At the end of the program, four teams were selected for incubation to better refine and prototype their ideas, while the other groups were enrolled in internship programs in companies across Ghana.