Natterbase is Making Outsourcing Software Developers Easier and More Efficient


In Africa and all around the world, companies are increasingly dependent on outsourcing to meet their software development needs. However, there are challenges with outsourcing that are underreported, such as access to talented developers, ease of payment, and cost/time management for projects, which often reduces efficiency in the outsourcing process for clients and developers.

In a bid to solve this problem, Prince Isaac launched Natterbase in 2017, an intelligent, decentralized platform designed to connect world-class software developers with software companies anywhere in the world. By breaking a project into smaller fractions, Natterbase ensures different developers can work on various aspects of a project while maintaining low cost and saving time.

Natterbase also provides clients with detailed insights on the developers’ speed and accuracy while working on their projects, allowing them to make intelligent decisions while tracking their projects.