How AfricArena is Showcasing Africa’s Best Tech Talents to the World


As the culture of innovation deepens across the continent, the African tech ecosystem is creating a buzz globally like never before. AfricArena believes in the potential of Africa’s tech startup culture and is accelerating the growth of these startups by providing a platform for them to tell their story, gain valuable networks, and secure funding.

AfricArena is a pan-African tech ecosystem accelerator bridging the gap between the international and African tech ecosystems by bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates through open innovation challenges in partnership with various organizations across the African continent.

During the open innovation challenges, the series of events organized provides an opportunity to explore future trends while unleashing some of Africa’s most innovative startups and inspiring innovators with disruptive ideas from people based in various parts of the world.

The annual AfricArena Summit showcases the continent’s best innovators and startups to local and international investors seeking world-class talent to partner with. By creating a global stage for African tech startups, AfricArena accelerates the scaling of these startups and fosters collaboration between the key stakeholders of the African and international tech ecosystem.