Max.NG Is Facilitating The Transition Of Africa’s Mobility Sector


While no one is certain what the future of transportation will look like, Max.NG has some ideas, and they are kicking off by redefining the transportation experience for commuters.

Starting out as a logistics partner for e-commerce companies in 2015, Max.NG has since made a pivot to build out the technology and financial infrastructure for mobility in Africa, aiming to make motorcycle taxis safe, affordable, and flexible.

Max.NG’s big picture is to solve the continent’s mobility challenges by providing a seamless transport experience for Africans powered by innovation, tech, and eco-friendly infrastructure. By adding tools such as gyroscopes and accelerometers to their bikes, Max.NG provides real-time safety monitoring of the driver activities, ensuring people and goods get to their destinations hitch-free.

Despite Nigeria being a volatile country, with regulations and policies becoming a nightmare for tech entrepreneurs, Co-founders Chinedu Azodoh and Tayo Bamiduro are relying on their MIT knowledge to safely navigate the murky waters.