LabelFuse Simplifies Data Labeling And Deployment For AI Companies


Data preparation amounts to 80% of the time spent on most Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning projects. LabelFuse helps AI companies quickly structure their data, saving time while also ensuring data accuracy and security.

Founded by Zambian-born Kelvin Aongola, LabelFuse is a real-time image labeling and deployment platform that reduces the time required to manually label data by 98%. Its simple and secure interface, powered by AI, enables users to label and deploy their AI applications with ease.

LabelFuse addresses issues of speed, accuracy, and expertise through its platform at a fraction of the regular cost. The platform swiftly auto labels an entire batch of imagery through machine learning and delivers labeled data for further analysis.

Despite being in its early stages, LabelFuse already has traction in healthcare, security, research, and self-driving cars. Kelvin believes AI can do a lot of good, and LabelFuse plays a crucial role in achieving that.