How Nouveta’s RevenueSure is revolutionizing the service delivery industry


The digitalization movement coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, has led service delivery to move away from face-to-face interactions. In 2017, Hezron Muriuki,  CEO of Nouveta launched RevenueSure, a service delivery platform that eases transactions between service providers and customers.

RevenueSure service delivery model digitizes billing, receipt, and document issuance. Partnering with the National Bank of Kenya, the solution has been implemented physically in the National Bank and Nairobi cash office and digitally via a mobile app, USSD, and the web.

Nouveta is a customer engagement and experience platform that develops channels for businesses to engage their customers and enables payments across those channels. The platform leverages AI and machine learning to develop chatbots and other intuitive solutions that personalize and innovate service delivery.

Nouveta aims to revolutionize and bring convergence to service delivery by extending its services to various industries with gaps yet to be filled. The company plans to roll out solutions targeted at various industries, including a digital wallet for payment of school fees, a SACCO solution for serving members, and an aggregated platform for the hospitality industry.