Flutterwave: A Payment Technology That Connects Africa to the World


Logistics, payment, and commerce are the three main pillars of economic growth. 

The digital world is drastically changing consumer behavior, with the rise in eCommerce, consumers are now connected to the global marketplace. Moreover, as businesses worldwide look to grow their online presence, there’s an increasing need for affordable and reliable online payment methods.

Flutterwave is an online payment technology and infrastructure that enables Africans, and African businesses to connect with the global economy.  Founder Olugbenga Agboola created the platform to address Africa’s fragmented payment systems.

Their payment infrastructure connects the various payment systems in Africa, allowing companies to replace multiple payment integrations with one simple API. 

Flutterwave tailors your payments to your local currency, eliminating the need for domiciliary and separate currency accounts to carry out international transactions. Banks and businesses can now safely and efficiently process any form of payment across the continent.

Currently operating in established markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and South Africa, Flutterwave is rapidly spreading throughout Africa to achieve its mission of connecting Africa to the world.