How Future Africa is mitigating the early-stage funding gap for African startups


Knowledge hoarding resulting in knowledge suboptimization is one of the main things that has held us back as a continent, and this can be attributed to low social capital and IP rules.

The early-stage venture fund - Future Africa extends expert knowledge to mission-driven innovators and provides them with the capital and resources to scale.

Future Africa is a platform that connects investors to impact-driven innovators turning the continent’s most complex challenges into global businesses. The platform provides capital, coaching, and community for innovators seeking to build a future filled with prosperity and purpose for Africa.

Having done all the necessary groundwork, Future Africa streamlines the investment process and bridges the gap between investors and impact-driven African startups. Future Africa believes that investing in startups goes beyond just handing out cheques and making a profit to impacting and enabling problem-solving.

The platform leverages the power of community to create a network of innovators, partners, industry experts, and other stakeholders dedicated to helping each other succeed.