Transforming Africa’s Mobility Infrastructure With Drone Technology


Imagine an African continent with low mobility costs and timely deliveries. Industries would be more efficient, and there would be new business opportunities in sectors like data services and e-commerce.

Transforming mobility infrastructure will have socio-economic benefits on the continent as a whole. However, rural areas stand to benefit the most as it would increase their access to modern services and medical supplies.

Drones are a starting point to an entirely new model of affordable, swift, and futuristic transportation. The drone industry is rapidly growing due to its evolving application across several industries.

African Drone Forum is an event organized by the World Bank that aims to promote and accelerate drone entrepreneurship across Africa. The forum showcases and sponsors African entrepreneurs who have identified new advances in autonomous drone delivery. Aside from showcasing cutting-edge drone technology, the forum also convenes professionals and regulators together in a symposium.

Global Air Drone Academy (GADA), a Nigerian drone startup, emerged winner of the 2020 African Drone Forum’s Business Challenge. GADA is committed to building drone professionals by providing STEM-based, hands-on training. With their cash prize, they hope to construct a permanent drone training and research facility in Lagos, Nigeria.