How Sproxil combatinging counterfeit products globally using mobile technology


Counterfeit drugs are a deadly and growing problem plaguing patients, regulatory bodies, and the global healthcare industry. This issue is particularly rife within Africa, with a substantial proportion of circulating drugs being counterfeit or substandard.

Ashifi Gogo founded Sproxil in 2009 to empower consumers to combat drug counterfeiting via a simple text message service that verifies the authenticity of their products. The company uses mobile technology and its proprietary fraud detection platform to provide secure and data-driven consumer engagement programs globally.

Sproxil is Africa’s first mobile-based brand protection solutions enterprise focusing on supply chains and consumer engagement. Its solutions are deployed by multinational brands across several industries to combat supply chain fraud and optimize marketing expenditure.

The company’s award-winning product verification technology helps consumers avoid purchasing counterfeit products through a scratch-off security label on all protected products. Before purchasing a product, the consumer sends the unique one-time code via SMS or mobile app to a country-specific shortcode and receives an immediate reply indicating the product’s authenticity.

Sproxil currently operates in over 100 countries worldwide, and its services now extend across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, beverages, agribusinesses, beauty and personal care.