Kepya Is Revolutionizing The Way Agricultural Trade Is Done In Angola


Farmers generally, regardless of being smallholder or large-scale farmers, face a similar issue – the inability to predict the best time to sell their products for maximal profit. Buyers, on the other hand, don’t know when and where to buy locally.

Seeking to bridge this information gap, Marcio Castro and Arão Guerreiro co-founded Kepya, an online marketing platform that collects information on the availability and need for farm products and promotes more efficient transactions.

With Kepya, farmers can predict their harvest and sell in advance at normal market prices, hence maximizing profit. The platform constantly matches produce put up for sale (both present and future) with buyer needs in real-time.

Kepya provides market insights to farmers and articulates the flow of information to off-takers and freight companies, helping farmers sell their produce at higher prices and farm with increased predictability.

Asides being a marketing tool, Kepya also provides a perfect ecosystem for farmers to swiftly purchase all their agricultural inputs, including seeds, fertilizers, insurance, and other products and services.