CreditFins - Egypt’s First Smart Credit Card Management Platform


Accumulated credit card debt has proven to be a growing issue in Egypt, with users ending up trapped in a vicious cycle of debt and accumulating interest. Cairo-based credit card management platform, CreditFins helps users repay their credit card debt while saving money.

Founded in 2020 by Sherif Radi, Norhan El Sakkout, and Gamal Eldin, CreditFins is the first tech-enabled debt manager and financial wellness app in Egypt and the MENA region that helps users save money and settle their credit card debt while enabling them to establish financial freedom.

The platform alleviates bank customers’ struggles by offering a convenient and affordable solution for debt repayment via fixed, low monthly installments that help customers save 20-50% on normal bank interest.

CreditFins aims to break the debt cycle by providing customers with automated hands-on debt management and settlement, financial advisory information to help them achieve financial wellness through improved budgeting and spending skills.