DEXT Technologies Science Set – Practical STEM Education Tools in A Box


To achieve socioeconomic stability, Africa desperately needs more engineers and scientists. There is however, a growing divide between the classroom and what students experience in their environment. 

The lack of practical science, partly attributed to the high cost of constructing science labs, has made STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses seem difficult and uninteresting to students.

DEXT Technology Limited, a science and tech-based Ghanaian organization, creates practical, affordable, and user-friendly tools to introduce students to technology, innovation, and problem-solving.

Using innovative manufacturing and design methods, DEXT Technology Limited created the Science Set, an affordable and portable science lab for basic STEM courses. This innovation aims to make quality and hands-on science education accessible to students across Africa, increasing their interest and performance in STEM.

DEXT hopes that Science Set will boost students’ creative capacity, introduce them to innovation, and equip them with the required skills to become logical thinkers and problem-solvers.