How Ideia Lab is Revolutionizing Mozambique’s Startup Ecosystem


“The space of technology gives us a huge opportunity to grow, improve and bring better solutions” – Sara Fakir

Despite being one of Africa’s most attractive markets, Mozambique is still off the radar for many foreign investors. The dream to make Mozambique an entrepreneurial country and place it on the radar of investors led Sara Fakir and her partner, Tatiana Pereira, to found Ideia Lab in 2010.

Realizing the place of technology in achieving this dream, Ideia Lab helps regular and traditional entrepreneurs understand the importance of tech in reaching other markets and improving their businesses.

Ideia Lab is an entrepreneurship lab in Mozambique focused on entrepreneurs’ growth and using a participative approach to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. This platform enhances entrepreneurial capacities for sustainable, innovative business development and promotes actions that support the business environment as a whole.

Regardless of the language barrier and resulting disconnect from other African countries, Ideia Lab is revolutionizing the Mozambique startup ecosystem, one entrepreneur at a time.