Educate24 South Africa


The recent realities of the world have bolstered the continuous realization of what the future of work will look like. At the very least, the future promises work structures different from the traditional patterns that characterize the 3rd Industrial revolution world.

Educate24 is betting on that future and committing its resources to helping key stakeholders get the necessary skills to remain relevant. Currently based in and for South Africans, the company led by Founder and CEO Nawal Du Toit approaches digital learning through the provision of affordable, high-quality, short video lectures anchored by industry experts.

The company is keen on reducing the knowledge and skill gap in the country, which is responsible for the various partnerships the company pursues to onboard more beneficiaries, including its partnership with Capitec to provide users with a 50% discount on all courses.

The provisions of Educate 24 are designed to redefine education for many currently employed and unemployed persons, having access to quality cross-industry learning materials from top instructors. Sectors Educate24 currently covers are; Business, Entrepreneurship, Health and Fitness, Industry, IT & Software, personal development & parenting, services, and hospitality.