eMobilis is upskilling Kenyan talent through the Ajira Digital Program


Digitalization is rapidly reshaping global economies, but rural communities struggle to acquire digital skills necessary to tackle the existing challenges. eMobilis is a technology training institution empowering young people across Kenya with tech, mobile and software development, and digital skills.

eMobilis is on a mission to create opportunities for local talents by making them skilled in Mobile and Wireless Cellular Technologies, ensuring the availability of skilled local talent to meet the growing opportunities in Africa’s mobile industry. At the end of the training, eMobilis creates a platform for students to sell their mobile content across the continent through its aggregator contracts.

In collaboration with a network of partners from the public and private sector, eMobilis implemented the Ajira Digital Program under the Kenyan Ministry of ICT, Innovation, and Youth Affairs initiative. Ajira Digital is a free workplace training platform to train young people across Kenya, particularly those in marginalized rural areas, to benefit from the opportunities in the online workspace and the gig economy.

Following the training program, Ajira Digital alumni are mentored through the platform’s hand-holding mentorship program to see how well they have effectively transitioned into the working environment.