Falak Startups is facilitating the development of Egypt’s startup ecosystem


Due to a number of critical issues, startups in developing economies struggle to reach their optimal potential, but this has been remedied by the various accelerators springing up across the continent.

Falak Startups believes that more than just funding, startups also need the right guidance and platform to accelerate their goals. Launched in 2018 under an Egyptian Ministry of Investment and International Corporation initiative, Falak is on a mission to identify and empower Egypt’s most promising tech entrepreneurs.

The Egyptian accelerator invests in and mentors startups all through their journey, addressing their business needs and fostering their growth. Its sector-agnostic model focuses on enhancing startups’ product-market fit, honing their business, operation, and revenue models, expanding their customer base, and providing follow-on investment.

Falak Startups provides equity investment, networking, growth hacking, training, mentorship, and a platform for founders to showcase their startups to potential investors, stakeholders, policymakers, and partners.

With over seventy portfolio companies, Falak’s support is ongoing throughout the startups’ growth journey, constantly standing as an advisor and advocate for all their startups.