iMed Tech Develops Medical Prosthetics Using 3D Technology


Losing a body part can be really debilitating, not only physically but also mentally.  Nonetheless, Nneile Nhkolise is trying to blur the gap between disability and ability through her medical prosthetics company, iMed Tech.

Applying her knowledge of 3D application in the medical field, South African mechanical engineer and social innovator Nneile Nhkolise founded iMed Tech to meet the growing demand for prosthetics in South Africa and the rest of the continent. This medical technology company specializes in designing and manufacturing medical prosthetics, bio-implants, and surgical planning models for people who have lost body parts to diseases or accidents.

Since its establishment, iMed Tech has produced several innovative, high-quality products to meet user needs at an affordable rate. One such product is the Neyne breastform, which Nneile designed for women who have undergone mastectomies. Others include dental aligners, dental reclaiming models, and AI tech-based tools for assisting surgical operations.

By fusing healthcare and engineering, iMed Tech seeks to transform healthcare, improve the quality of life and overall health in Africa and the rest of the world.