Meet Morris Mbtesa, the Kenyan Techpreneur Building Solutions Tailor-Made for Africans


Daily, Africans develop new ideas that have the potential to improve the continent. However, only a few convert into real products, a result of several challenges and limitations.

Morris Mbetsa the Kenyan innovator and entrepreneur is one of the few who’ve made the transition. A self-taught electronic and tech engineer since the age of eight, Morris is constantly expanding his portfolio of simple, easy-to-use, inexpensive technologies to meet his community’s immediate needs.

On a quest to disrupt the tech industry, Morris founded Numeral IoT, a full-stack IoT hub making quality and affordable electronics. The innovation hub guides clients through the process of developing prototypes for their product ideas, manufacturing, and bringing the product to market.

Numeral IoT also focuses on extending internet connectivity beyond regular devices like phones and laptops to non-internet-enabled everyday objects. One of its products is the Simba Speed Governor, which functions as a speed limiter, real-time tracker, and recorder.

With his vast knowledge and experience, Morris hopes to continue building products that address the unique challenges of African consumers.