Trella is Reinventing Freight and Logistics with Smart Technology


The trucking industry is generally fragmented in most countries. Developing countries, in particular, struggle with old infrastructure, lack of innovation, and modern technology. Thus, they rely on the conventional trucking landscape involving several middlemen, incurring high costs, and gross inefficiencies.

In 2019, a team of individuals richly experienced in the transportation and tech space set out to found Trella, a Cairo-based trucking company on a mission to induce structure and remove the inefficiencies peculiar to the trucking industry. Trella’s B2B technology platform brings together shippers and carriers in one marketplace. It also utilizes data to optimize drivers’ routes and increase their backload volume, leading to reduced shipping costs.

By providing steady demand and new job opportunities from various industries, Trella ensures better load utilization and efficiency for carriers. The platform likewise widens the visibility of pricing and payment for users while allowing shipments to be tracked in real-time, resulting in a more direct, transparent system.

With their digitized logistics solution, Trella is sure to lead a revolution in the transportation sector like never before.