How Xetova’s Digital Platform is Enhancing Performance in Africa’s Procurement Marketplace


SMEs need a financial system that evolves with their needs i.e., robust supply chain support and easy access to ready investors. The procurement marketplace presents Africa’s largest trade opportunity, and Xetova wants to make procurement growth a reality in Africa.

Founded in 2019 by Bramuel Mwalo, Xetova is a Kenyan tech startup that connects buyers, suppliers, and investors in the procurement ecosystem. It aims to provide a digital marketplace for the procurement ecosystem by using technology to simplify the sourcing process for buyers, improve suppliers’ performance, and mitigate the risks of procurement business to maximize value for every investment.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of supply chain preparedness in combating disease outbreaks. According to Bramuel, Xetova’s AI platform, AHSA is a solution to support response preparedness in managing disease outbreaks, resource mobilization, and resulting procurement action.

Xetova provides users with real-time insights and foresight across supply value chains, enabling them to build lasting relationships with the right partners. Using AI and big data, Xetova is reimagining procurement management in Africa to make it more efficient, value-driven, and inclusive.