Empowering African Talent to Capitalize on the New Digital Economy


Africa’s emerging tech space has led to an increase in demand for software developers. Currently, however, there’s a demand/supply imbalance — the result of limited places available to begin a career in coding rather than interest or capabilities.

Recognizing this problem, Richard Brandt established CodeTrain, a program that digitally empowers young people in Ghana to start a professional coding career.

Richard saw many creative and talented young people struggling to get opportunities due to a lack of employable skills. As a way of giving back, he started the CodeTrain platform to address the need of young people seeking to launch a career in coding and tech companies in need of talented software developers. 

Richard says he intends to eventually scale this platform through the school system so students can meet up with the demands of today’s tech-driven world.

There are currently two branches in Ghana, with plans to expand all through West Africa and ultimately become the world’s leading software training brand.