How Fundis LLC is Organizing and Refining Kenya’s Informal Sector


With the increasing demand for a more organized and efficient informal sector, young Africans have tasked themselves with employing innovative means to improve the sector.  In 2018, the Kenyan entrepreneur, Alex Kamanga, founded Fundis LLC to fix the flawed informal sector, starting with the repairs industry.

Fundis is a Kenyan online P2P platform addressing the fragmented repairs industry by connecting users with competent and vetted artisans. Through the mobile application, Fundis helps users get their repairs and maintenance tasks done better and faster while reducing the time artisans spend looking for clients.

Workers on the platform also get trained in soft skills and digital literacy while enjoying continuous access to decent income opportunities.  The Fundis app currently has a network of over 2,000 artisans spread across Kenya, including plumbers, electricians, painters, and carpenters.

Over the next few years, Fundis hopes to add more services to its app offerings and expand beyond Kenya.