Kenyan Logistics Platform Reshaping the Business Landscape


E-commerce has taken the world by storm, distance and location are no longer barriers to business.

Many enterprises now have a customer base that spans the globe. However, running a successful e-commerce business requires moving your goods from one point to another efficiently; technology has made this much more manageable.

With apps like Sendy, e-commerce, and fast-moving consumer goods company's can make deliveries without breaking a sweat.

Sendy is a B2B platform established to help businesses of all types and sizes efficiently deliver their goods to customers. The platform connects companies to transporters and allows customers to track their goods in realtime.

Sendy started in Kenya but has expanded to Uganda and, more recently, Nigeria. Their mission is to make life easier for everyone, from patients who require regular medicine delivery to farmers, manufacturers, and all other business owners.

Moreover, as your e-commerce business expands, employing a reputable logistics company will be critical to meeting increasing customer demands. With Sendy, you can be assured of prompt and safe delivery of all your goods, while saving on logistics costs.