KudiGio is Redefining Consumer Retail Management in Africa


Data management is vital to every business. It ensures transparency and gives business owners control. Unfortunately, the best data management software is often not cost-effective for retail companies or too complicated.

By building a solution tailored to African retail businesses, KudiGo, a Ghanaian software company, seeks to improve the way retail services are delivered across the continent. 

Their two major products, KudiGo Storefront and KudiGo RapidGate help informal and micro retailers perform their business functions effortlessly.

Storefront is an all-round retail business suite that integrates an accounting and retail engine, and multiple payment processing to give users the best data management experience.

While RapidGate targets distributors and suppliers in the consumer retail value chain, giving them easy access and control over their distribution channel.

Ultimately, KudiGo aims to make the informal retail sector in Africa financially inclusive by creating an ecosystem where every retail business can profitably grow, scale, and sustain.