How MarketForce 360 Is Revolutionizing The Retail Industry In Emerging Markets


In emerging markets, field agents and retail outlets usually serve as the first point of interaction between consumer brands and their customers. The data collection system for sales and distribution management is however outdated, resulting in delays in order fulfillment and loss of crucial customer data.

Passionate about blending technology and commerce, the African serial entrepreneur, Tesh Mbaabu co-founded MarketForce 360, an end-to-end solution that bridges the information gap in retail distribution. Thus, enabling consumer brands to process orders and deliver essential products and services to customers efficiently.

MarketForce 360 is an online platform that directly connects informal retail outlets and consumers in Africa to consumer goods suppliers and financial services. The platform digitizes the entire sales and distribution process, including orders, delivery, and payments, to address the last mile retail distribution challenge.

Through its digital platform, MarketForce 360 helps consumer brands manage their field sales activities and grow their distribution channels across the continent. The platform also provides mobile-based tools that help companies gain real-time market insights to identify trends and opportunities and boost product and service delivery efficiency.