Tribal Credit Helps Startups Handle Finances Better


Numerous startups are popping up around the world, solving one problem or the other, with Venture Capitalists pumping money into these startups, intending to make the world a better place. Many of these startups are investing resources in building financial tools for the masses. But, who is building finance management tools for these startups?

Tribal, coming in to solve this problem has a simple mission – providing finance management tools to high-growth startups in emerging markets. Since its 2016 establishment, Tribal has gone on to build an incredible suite of financial management tools.

As the co-founders, Amr Shady and Mohammed Elkasstawi reiterate, Tribal saves startups from the hassle of dealing with traditional banks. With its unique solutions and offerings, Tribal is building itself to become a necessity in the development of other companies.

Tribal understands that it’s not enough for startups to just raise rounds; effectively leveraging and managing financial resources is of utmost importance if the company is going to scale beyond potential. The startup community agrees!