How Bulk Resources Ltd. Expanded to B2C Delivery During the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic affected several economic sectors, forcing businesses to make rapid transitions in the way they operate.

Bulk Resources Ltd. is a trading company that connects farmers to the market. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Bulk Resources was only involved in B2B bulk supplies of goods. They trained farmers,  contracted them, and took their crops to market. Due to the challenges that resulted from the pandemic, the company decided to change its business approach by adding B2C deliveries.

To extend their business to end consumers, Bulk Resources recently set up hubs along Kiambu road with financial support from Agribiz. Through support from the Agribiz project, Bulk Resources has been able to successfully scale and rebrand its business strategy.

The Agribiz program is an initiative of the Kenyan Climate Innovation System (KCIC) that seeks to catalyze and enable women and youths’ involvement in the agricultural value chain, particularly in the rural and peri-urban areas.