Migo Is Expanding Credit Access By Reimagining Traditional Lending Models


SMEs play important roles in the economy of most countries; however, many business owners are unable to access loans due to lack of credit history. Migo, an embedded lending platform, is working with traditional systems to help individual borrowers and growing businesses access reliable credit when needed.

Migo is a credit-as-a-service platform enabling companies to extend credit to consumers and small businesses within their apps. It works with merchants, telecom companies, and banks, allowing them to offer loans to their customers via a co-branded cloud-based product.

Using its proprietary machine learning algorithms, Migo assesses credit risk using the company’s data and then automates credit facilities, simplifying the complex lending structure with a simple API. By enabling credit for populations overlooked by traditional credit bureaus, Migo expands economic access and provides life-changing opportunities to low-income customers.

Migo’s recent expansion into Brazil reflects its intentionality about growth as well as its intention to expand beyond its shores.