Meet Ouma Cecil, The NEF Fellow Solving Africa’s Energy Problem


Constant power outages and lack of electricity are some of the stereotypes Africa is known for when it comes to energy. But Ouma Cecil’s energy solution might be what Africa needs to become energy independent.

NEF Fellow Ouma Cecil holds a Ph.D. in Computational Physics from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and is presently a postdoctoral fellow with HySA Infrastructure, South Africa. Cecil has a strong background in material science modeling and is adept in Theoretical Physics and Computational Physics modeling of materials.

Ouma Cecil believes Africa is well endowed with lots of energy-generating potential, but energy from available sources needs to be effectively harnessed and stored. He thus advocates the invention of alternative forms of energy storage, such as storing hydrogen in liquid organic hydrogen carrier systems (LOHCs), which are environmentally safe and allow for longer and efficient energy storage.

Leveraging current research on energy materials, computational modeling, and associated technologies, Cecil intends to innovate affordable and small-scale off-grid technologies for Africa’s rural and peri-urban settlements.

Cecil’s innovation is an inspiration for young Africans that knowledge from basic sciences can be applied to solving real African problems.