How Safari Wallet’s affordable travel solution promotes African tourism


Dream destinations and travels are lifetime experiences but require a properly planned budget and enough savings. Safari Wallet, a product owned by the African Digital Travel Marketing Company – Kwetu Africa, helps travelers enjoy their best travel lives with less hassle.

The Tanzania-based online travel company was started in 2017 by Iddy John and Patrick Musa. Iddy says his love for tourism was a major motivation behind the establishment of Safari Wallet. Having noticed that most Tanzanian travel companies focus mainly on the international market, Iddy and his team decided to create a product centered around Tanzanian locals and the African market.

Safari Wallet was created to reduce the cost barrier of booking and enjoying the Africa safari experience. Intending to see Africans travel affordably to their dream destinations while still enjoying the luxury that comes with such travels, Safari Wallet provides curated trip designs and different payment options, including installment payments and its savings-based travel wallet.

With an ultimate aim to promote African tourism, Safari Wallet creates and enables affordable travel experiences for Tanzanian locals, interregional African travel, and for the African diaspora as well as global travelers with interest in ethical African travel.