How Sheria Kiganjani is bringing legal services and education closer to Tanzanians


Knowing the law is the basic right and responsibility of every citizen. However, accessing legal education and services is a challenge for a large part of the Tanzanian society due to financial and distance constraints, as well as the majority of the laws being in the English Language.

Founded in 2018 by Neema Magimba and five other co-founders, Sheria Kiganjani is Tanzania’s first legal digital platform bridging the justice gap by remotely connecting citizens with legal services and information. The platform is built in Swahili and aims to ensure that no Tanzanians are deprived of their rights due to lack of knowledge of the country’s laws.

Sheria Kiganjani targets low- and middle-income earners who are believed to be unable to afford legal services or easily access the service providers. Through the platform, users can talk and chat with qualified lawyers 24/7 and access informative content about different provisions of the law via the internet and mobile phones.

While there might still be much work to be done, the potential opportunities for technological application in the legal sector are immense, and Sheria Kiganjani has set precedence for future legal tech in Tanzania.