How Snapslip’s receipting and analytics app is transforming the retail sector


Asides being difficult to keep track of and locate when needed, paper receipts also pose a threat to human health and the environment. Snapslip is a South African digital receipting and analytics application eliminating the need for paper receipts, the associated costs, and complexities.

Founded in 2018 by Lynton Naicker, Snapslip allows receipts at the point of purchase to be sent to customers’ app profiles without the need to print a paper receipt, allowing customers to conveniently store, track and recall receipts. The platform runs data from each receipt through its spend and trend analytics engine to provide valuable predictive insights to retailers.

Thus, Snapslip enables customers to use a digital receipting repository and provides retailers with an analytics portal to better understand their customers’ individual preferences and provide better product-market fits. By digitizing receipts, Snapslip creates a digital contact-free environment that is COVID-19 conscious while enhancing customers’ shopping experience.

Lynton believes Snapslip will be the world’s biggest receipting company that never prints a single paper receipt and benefits not only customers and retailers but also the environment.