Startup Namibia Aims to Serve as a Launchpad and Accelerator For Namibian Startups and Innovators


In Namibia, preconditions for establishing and scaling startups are inadequate, with government support structures still in their very early stages. From nurturing innovative ideas to supporting growth and accelerating the entrepreneurial journey, Startup Namibia focuses on getting Namibia’s entrepreneurs and innovators going.

Startup Namibia is a joint Namibian-German technical cooperation project implemented by GIZ to build a disruptive entrepreneurial culture and ecosystem for Namibian startups. The organization has two major components – the Basecamp, which serves as a startup incubator and coworking space, and the Digital Centre focussed on digitalization and digital entrepreneurship.

Startup Namibia is a one-stop-shop for all startup needs from ideation to establishment and growth phases while unlocking the entrepreneurial spirit of Namibians by showcasing success stories and basic entrepreneurial training. The startup center also enables startups and microenterprises to scale by improving access to financial services.

To expose the startups to the global tech scene, Startup Namibia collaborates with other organizations and does startup exchanges with other countries.