Tech Needs Girls Bridging the Gender Gap in Africa's Tech Industry


"We believe that the next Mark Zuckerberg will be a 12-year-old Ghanaian girl." — Regina Honu

Limiting women to social norms and designated professions is disrespectful. Gone are the days when her responsibilities are confined to motherhood and homemaking. Nowadays, women are creating innovations that impact the world.

However, in some African countries, women still face discrimination. In the tech sector alone, the list of challenges is immense.

Across the continent, the perception of women in the workplace must change, along with the inadequate number of women in the industry. On average, women are more creative and innovative, and studies show that diverse teams perform better.

Regina Honu is one of the people taking a stance to bridge the gender gap in tech. Her company, Tech Needs Girls, is a Ghanaian organization that mentors young women and girls to become leaders and innovators.

Nonetheless, tech is shaping the world, so it's critical that women are not left behind, but have a stake in this digital revolution.