Transforming Agriculture with Artificial Intelligence (AI)


“Sometimes, simple technologies can solve the biggest problems” – Isaac Sesi

In Ghana, agriculture is the bedrock of the rural economy, offering vast opportunities for youths. A huge proportion of production value is gotten from food crops. Yet, farmers lose about forty percent of their grains and cereal crops post-harvest.

One critical reason for such loss is that farmers often lack proper drying equipment and tools to accurately determine the moisture content in their grains prior to storage, leading to the growth of mold, which degrades the produce.

The high cost of available solutions has led smallholder farmers to resort to the use of crude techniques in measuring moisture content. But these have proven to be grossly inaccurate and ineffective.

Isaac Sesi, the co-founder of Sesi Technologies, a Ghanaian agritech startup, is on a mission to develop affordable tech solutions for smallholder farmers and businesses across the agricultural value chain to boost their productivity and minimize losses.

Through the use of AI, Sesi Technologies is tackling the problem of post-harvest losses in grains with their product GrainMate, an affordable and easy-to-use grain moisture meter. With GrainMate, farmers and grain purchasers can now affordably and accurately measure their grains’ moisture content before storage. Thus, minimizing the loss of their produce.