Yorlang Nigeria



While the various coding languages cannot be technically called English, the syntaxes and elements are basically built out of English letters and symbols.

However, with about 50 million people in the world natively speaking Yoruba Language, it’s fitting to be able to write codes in the language’s construct. At least, this is Anuoluwapo Karounwi’s opinion. Anuoluwapo says the innovation could facilitate easy programming for people whose thought process is better in the Yoruba Language.

Yorlang is the first of its kind and was first deployed in 2018. As of now, Yorlang, as a programming language, performs basic programming operations. Pushing the project to production rode on the back of several hiccups but promises a more inclusive future for minority societies as the world continues to depend heavily on technology.

Anuoluwapo aims to ease the learning process of coding and prove that local languages can have a place in the technology sphere. While the project certainly still has a long way to go in rising to the ranks of JavaScript, Java, GoLang, and Python, it’s definitely off to a great start.