TREP Labs is Building Affordable Clinical Tools to Tackle Healthcare Issues in Africa


Discovering new drugs, managing and containing disease outbreaks, and enhancing the provision of a better quality of care requires the use of clinical tools. But most clinical tools available are traditional, bulky, expensive, and complicated to use.

Nigerian health-tech startup, TREP Labs is on a mission to solve clinical problems peculiar to Africa by providing low-cost, easily accessible, and easy-to-use clinical tools and hardware solutions to boost the quality of care. The company builds affordable versions of high-cost clinical tools that could either be software, hardware, or a combination of both to empower and boost the medical team’s productivity.

Its flagship product, Real Drip, is a non-invasive IoT device that makes drip administration and blood transfusion simpler, safer, and more data-driven by continuously monitoring the process remotely.

TREP Labs was one of the incubated startups at Heritage Bank’s accelerator, a 12-week program aimed at providing tech startups with training, mentoring, and funding. TREP’s unique and innovative healthcare solution made it emerge winner of the seven tech startups participating in the program.