WeThinkCode Offers Tuition-Free Coding Education to Young Africans


Africa’s been said to have the world’s largest pool of untapped potential, which can only be unlocked through technology. Given the right resources and platform, African youths can “recode” the continent’s future.

Launched in 2016, WeThinkCode, through its two-year training program in coding and programming, is on a mission to source, train, and position exceptional African talent globally.  Open to people between 17 and 35 years old, with or without prior training, WeThinkCode takes the sharpest minds and molds them into outstanding software developers.

Through partnerships with corporates, WeThinkCode offers free education to students and provides them with stipends and programming internships. WeThinkCode aims to remove education boundaries and groom Africa’s top tech talent to drive the digitization of African business and, ultimately, export technology from Africa to the rest of the world.