Codeln Connects African Software Engineers to Global Opportunities


Africa’s tech scene is booming and at the forefront of this growth is skilled software engineers and programmers. Still, it can be strenuous and time-consuming for companies to find the ideal candidate for their projects, at times resulting in a skills mismatch.

Recognizing this problem, Elohor Thomas and her team created Codeln, an innovative solution that automates the entire tech recruitment process. Codeln is an end-to-end online technical recruitment platform that helps companies worldwide seamlessly hire skilled African software engineers while connecting such engineers to their dream jobs.

The platform handles the sourcing, screening, and interview stages of tech recruitment, leveraging the in-built testing tool to assess and screen candidates before matching them with recruiters. Currently operating across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Ivory Coast, Codeln runs a database consisting of thousands of software engineers from across the continent and is quickly becoming a global destination for African tech talents.

Founder Elohor also believes the global tech scene needs more females to boost efficiency and productivity and encourages African females to become more tech-inclined.