Lynk – Kenya’s LinkedIn for the “LinkedOut”


In Kenya, close to 80 percent of the labor force operates in the informal sector. Plagued by massive inefficiencies, irregular jobs, low pay, and limited career growth opportunities, the informal sector was ripe for technological disruption. 

Lynk is a Kenyan online platform that has built a technology solution to connect blue-collar professionals and skilled workers in the informal sector to employment opportunities. The platform provides the infrastructure which informal workers need, i.e., career identity, access to market, credibility, payment processing, and customer service, to build their careers and get repeat jobs from clients. 

With Lynk, informal workers can bid on suitable jobs and offer their products and services. The Lynk Pro App not only enables workers to manage their profiles and jobs but also helps them access e-learning tools and other opportunities to help them develop their careers.

Since its establishment, Lynk has matched over 45,000 jobs for workers in the system and aims to consistently change the lives of several informal workers in Kenya and all across Africa.