The Innovation Village – Uganda's Leading Launchpad for Innovators and Entrepreneurs


For a long time, the standard approach to finding and funding innovators has been through competitions and award events that focus on the top 3 winners among 100 submissions. The motivation to ensure the 97 other innovative ideas do not go to waste birthed The Innovation Village, Uganda's leading launchpad for innovators and entrepreneurs.

The Innovation Village is a destination for the 97 contestants who didn't go home with a trophy to transform their innovative ideas into viable solutions for the world's most pressing challenges. At The Innovation Village, the idea is simple: everyone with an idea that can transform society should be offered the opportunity to do so.

Leveraging technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, The Innovation Village intends to build an ecosystem that grows startups, SMEs, and purpose-driven enterprises centered around solving major industry and community challenges.

By bringing together major stakeholders – from startups and global brands to tech incubators, accelerators, academic institutions, and government agencies, The Innovation Village has quickly grown to become Uganda's largest innovator and entrepreneur destination.