How SafiRide is promoting Rwanda’s green economy through its e-Mobility platform


Research found that the leading cause of air pollution in Rwanda is fuel emissions from motorcycles and other vehicles. Using innovative technology, Rwandan-based SafiRide is fast-tracking the migration of Rwanda’s transportation industry from fossil fuel-based to E-mobility.

Keen on contributing to the zero-emission by 2030 project, green enthusiast and industrial engineer Tony Adesina founded SafiRide, an E-mobility rideshare company that ensures users’ comfort and safety while sustaining the environment by using electronic vehicles for its transport services.

Employing cutting-edge technology, SafiRide provides on-demand ride-hailing services, mobile app solutions, and a cashless easy-to-use payment system for individuals and corporates. In addition to providing rides to customers, SafiRide also provides employment opportunities to community members alongside the introduction of women captains to its workforce.

With plans to expand all across the continent, SafiRide aims to disrupt the transportation industry by innovating and reinventing mobility in Africa. Tony encourages all African cities to join the zero-emission by 2030 project to avoid being a dumping ground for fossil fuel and diesel vehicles.